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Inferno Themes has been named a finalist nominee
for the 2014 XBIZ Awards
in the "Design Studio of the Year" category.

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Thank you for nominating Inferno Themes for the “Design Studio of the Year” title

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Clients wrote about Us
  • Steven Toushin, www.bijougayporn.com

    I have had a site on the www for 18 years (1995) I have used a lot of programmers and designers. For my sites I create the design, then I sent out the pdfs, psds and image files to a programmer to install. As the site is being developed and in the site's shakedown beta stage I make changes as I start using it's functionality and keep testing the user experience. When the site goes live I go through the site for improvements and make changes and add additional functionality. I want the site exactly to my specifications and visually balanced. Although I have a programmer on staff when I go into a new source code I look for a programmer familiar with the new format, then I take over the site later on. I got Szilard along with other designers and programmers from AJ over at ElevatedX. After my interviewing I chose Szilard, he was an excellent choice. He has been a pleasure to work with, quick and efficient with very good communication skills. I got my membership site up and running in 3-4 weeks which includes the front end, members page, content, credit card and gateway (Szilard needed to program some code for this as well as install the Google Analytics code). Szilard was also a great help in instructing us in the back end use with email and video instructions this hastened the learning curve from three days to one day. I highly recommend Szilard he is a excellent programmer for ElevatedX, he is also reasonably priced, fair and honest.
  • Lee, Twowebmedia

    I can safely say that Szilard is by far the best developer that I have ever had the pleasure of working along side. He is outstanding in every department, quality, communication, work ethic, availability, trust, and i could go on ... I feel like Szilard has been in the same room when it comes to communicating. Never had I had a problem when it comes to explaining what I needed, a lot of things I needed were already done as standard. Quality has been second to none, coding works perfect across all browsers and mobiles. Everything has been explained to me in fine details, even going as far as making a short video on howto's,  btw, this was at 9:30 on a Saturday night! I could go on all day about the great experience I have had but I will leave on the note that I am really happy now that I now feel safe that if I have any issues with any of my other sites that I run then he is the man to fix them. I am definitely looking forward to a long working relationship with Szilard!
  • Jon, La Coute Ltd.

    Working with Szilard is a pleasure, he has exceeded our expectations on every level, delivering our project on time and on budget. He continues to be easily contactable and helpful. I recommend Szilard for his WordPress & Smarty skills.
  • Matt, StrangleGirl

    Highly recommended. Inferno Themes developed a custom WordPress member site for us. They were always available on ICQ. 100% fluent in American English.

Our Clients

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We develop new responsive themes for both WordPress and Elevated X systems that work fine not just on desktops but on mobile devices as well.
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